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Quality Heating Services

Custom Forced Air and Boiler Systems

Heating System Installs, Services, and Repairs in Buffalo & the WNY Area

At A. G. Roehrig and Son, there’s no compromise with a custom tailored heating service and installation from. We can install, repair and maintain your residential or commercial heating or water boiler system.

Our professional team works closely with homeowners and business owners to understand their specific heat needs. For some businesses, using a waste oil system would be a better option than installing a traditional heating system.

If an outdated heating system is being used, our team may use their experience to recommend more energy and heat efficient options that tend to cut down on energy bills and repair costs down the line.


We are an authorized and certified dealer of forced air furnaces, boiler systems, gas fireplaces, and waste oil furnaces and boilers.

Furnace Installs

We install residential and commercial forced air furnaces, boiler systems, gas fireplaces, and waste oil furnaces and boilers.

Furnace Repair

We provide 24 hour emergency repair service across WNY to restore your heating and boiler systems to proper working order.

Is Your Furnace Not Working in Buffalo?

There are a number of reasons that your furnace could have stopped working from the thermostat not being on or operating properly, clogged furnace filter, the gas valve wasn’t turned back on, blown circuit breaker or fuse, or issues with the chimney or exhaust.

We understand that keeping your family and customers comfortable in cold weather is extremely important. That’s why the A. G. Roehrig and Son team will repair and maintain your residential or commercial furnace and offer 24-hour emergency service.

In some cases, furnaces can be fixed with easy and quick repairs. Turning the gas valve or changing a filter are often solutions to the most common problems. However, our team is skilled enough to spot larger problems and handle them quickly.

How Much Does a New Furnace Cost Here In Buffalo, NY?

As most people expect, it can be hard to pinpoint how much the cost of a furnace can cost someone. The price range for a furnace varies quite a bit, depending on the type of system you need, your budget, and what other components your home requires. On average they can range from $3000 – $6000 here in the Western New York Area.

Depending on the home or commercial building, it can be straightforward to install a furnace – or it could be a bigger job that requires the team to work longer on the installation. This can create a change in price and why we like to diagnose your unique situation before we quote you with a price.

No matter your needs, budget, and concerns, the team of A.G Roehrig and Son will work closely with you to find the furnace option that checks everything off of your list and makes sure your home or business is warm this winter!

And, because there are so many variables, we provide a free in-home estimate.

How Often Should You Service Your Furnace in WNY?

Your furnace or heating system should be serviced every fall. If you don’t keep a regular schedule for inspections and maintenance for your heating system, you could be looking at increased operating costs, decreased comfort, and eventually your system failing.

In Western New York, having a reliable and strong heating system is integral to keeping your family or customers and team comfortable in even the coldest weather. It can become a potential safety hazard and, at the very least, a big headache to lose access to reliable heating during the cold winter months.

Even if your furnace ran flawlessly the winter before, you should have a regular maintenance check to make sure that it will continue running optimally during this year’s cold season. You don’t want your home or business to be without heat during a cold snap.

The majority of our clients like to set up a maintenance contract with us to ensure that their furnace is in good shape for the season. These contracts are more cost effective than an emergency service call and you won’t be stuck sitting at home in the cold! Give us a call today to get your heating system service and be prepared for the cold Buffalo winters.

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