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Reliable Air Conditioning Services

Installing, Repairing and Servicing Air Conditioning Systems Since 1929

Air Conditioning Systems, Services, and Repair

Your air conditioning system plays a vital role in the comfort of your home and office. There’s no compromise with a custom tailored air conditioning system from A. G. Roehrig and Son. We can install, repair and maintain your residential or commercial air conditioning system.

Air Conditioners

We are an authorized dealer of high efficiency residential and commercial air conditioning systems and mini-splits.

AC Installation

For whole house or building cooling we install central AC. We provide zoned cooling with versatile mini-splits.

AC Repair

We provide 24 hour repair service across WNY to restore your air conditioning system to proper working order.

Is Your Air Conditioner Not Working?

There are many reasons that your air conditioner isn’t working up to standard. Or, you may be noticing that it seems like your AC is always running – yet your home or business stays warm.

If that’s the case,your air conditioner may not be working due to a variety of factors. Common issues include problems with the compressor, the motor, tripped breaker, poor maintenance, clogged AC filter, drainage issues, or a faulty thermostat sensor.

In some cases, the “fix” may be to simply turn the fan’s setting back to “auto” rather than “on.” Regardless of the problem being big or small, the A.G Roehrig and Son team will work with you to find the source of the issue and implement any fixes need to bring your unit back to working order.

If your AC stops running, or if it needs regular maintenance, A. G. Roehrig and Son will repair and maintain your residential or commercial air conditioning system and we also offer 24-hour emergency service.

How Much Does Air Conditioning Cost?

Even though the summers in Western New York can be mild, many homeowners and business owners find air conditioning to be a must that will keep them more comfortable throughout the year. Once someone decides that they want a new unit, or want to replace their existing one, it’s time to think about costs.

It can be difficult to give homeowners and business owners a set price for an air conditioning system, as it depends on what type of system you want, how efficient it needs to be, and your budget.

Additionally, pricing will also depend on whether or not you have an existing AC. The cost of replacing a unit may differ from the cost of installing a brand new system into your building.

To help you make the best decision for you, we provide a free in-home estimate to get more concrete pricing after all the variables are considered.

How Often Should You Service Your Air Conditioner?

Due to our cold winters, which seem to last forever, air conditioning services and maintenance must be performed in late spring or early summer. Typically, crews need a minimum temperature of 70F to work on air conditioning units and, with some luck, all of the AC filter clogging cottonwood will be gone by then!

Since so many Western New York homeowners and business owners rely on their air conditioning units to stay comfortable, it’s important to make sure that you are regularly checking the function of your system to ensure that it will continue to run reliably.

The team at A.G Roehrig and Son work closely with customers to ensure that their units are as efficient and long-lasting as possible and, if a problem should arise, we offer 24-hour emergency service.

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