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Furnace Repair & Service in WNY

The preventive maintenance, or “pm” is designed to help keep your heating and air conditioning equipment operating properly and is required by most manufacturers for their warranty claims.

In the spring, with an outside ambient temperature of at least 65*f, we service the a/c by checking all components, refrigerant charge, cleaning the outside condensing unit and cycling the unit in cooling to check proper operation. If unit needs refrigerant, it can be added at an additional fee.

For the furnace, in the late summer, early fall, we service the furnace by checking all components, filters, all electrical, belts, motors, fans and cycle the unit for proper heating operation. Aprilaire and Spaceguard filters are additional.

Generator pm’s are done twice a year. In the spring, an oil change is performed and the unit checked for proper operation. In the fall, a complete “tune-up” is performed, which includes an oil change, spark plug and air cleaner change, and check for proper operation. On commercial water cooled units, we will inspect the antifreeze and the radiator.

Western New York Furnace Repairs – Furnace Maintenance & Repair in Buffalo, NY

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