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Buffalo HVAC Services

Installing, Repairing and Servicing HVAC Systems Since 1929

Heating and Cooling Systems and Services

There’s no compromise with a custom-tailored heating unit and installation from A. G. Roehrig and Son. We can install, repair and maintain your residential or commercial heating, cooling, or waste oil system.

Since 1929, we’ve worked with residents and homeowners all over Western New York to keep their heating and cooling units running for years and replacing units only when necessary. Our reliable services and advice have saved our customers thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs by simply holding the team to a high standard.

Commercial HVAC Services

We install commercial forced air, boiler systems, hot water tanks, waste oil furnaces/boilers, and air conditioning.

Residential HVAC Services

We install residential forced air furnaces, boiler systems, hot water tanks, gas fireplaces, and air conditioning systems.

24/7 Emergency Service

We provide 24 hour repair services to restore your heating and cooling systems to proper working order.

What Are The Different Types Of HVAC Systems?

The main types of systems are forced air, hydronic and steam boilers. Forced air is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Boilers on the other hand can either have radiators, or baseboard heating elements around the outside walls of the house. You also could have radiant in-floor heat. This is designed to heat up the floor your walking on and use it to radiate the heat into the space along with the objects that are sitting on the floor.

What Should You Look For In An HVAC Contractor?

When you’re choosing a contractor for HVAC Services you should be looking for reviews online and referrals from other businesses, friends and family. Sites like Angie’s List and the like are not always accurate. You tend to see people that are just looking for an end result migrating to those places. Just having the lowest price doesn’t ensure quality, for example.

Look to see the confidence in your HVAC services contractor or technician that is working on your problem. See that he has proper tools and just not using duct tape to hold things in place. Your HVAC services contractor should be clean, respectful, qualified, and have an organized truck. You don’t want to spend thousands on a repair or on a new system for someone to simply just slap it in place and walk away. We call it commissioning a system. Once everything is installed and completed your system is started. Then we tweak things here and there – make adjustments to contour the system to work seamlessly in your home.

You can take the lowest grade equipment and make it look like a Ferrari if you know what you’re doing. But if you don’t that Ferrari might as well be a little Ford Tempo doing everything it can to try and operate. At the end of the day you spend money on these things with an end goal for it to make your money back and work for you, right? It would be a shame if that didn’t happen because you went with the lowest bidder.

There’s no compromise with a custom tailored heating service and installation from A. G. Roehrig and Son. We can install, repair and maintain your residential or commercial heating, cooling, or water boiler system.

How Often Should Your Service Your HVAC Systems?

Your system should be serviced every season. Though a repair may not always be needed, every resident and business owner could prevent future problems with their system by getting it regularly checked on by a professional team, like A.G Roehrig and Son.

Depending on the season, our team offers services designed to make sure your unit provides heating by checking on the furnace in the fall and, when the warmer weather is here, air condition in the late Spring or early Summer.

There are some exceptions to the “Service Every Season” rule, and that’s if the unit was replaced recently. If it is brand new for the up and coming season, homeowners can rest assured that their unit will be running properly due to its age and lack of wear-and-tear.

Commercial & Residential HVAC Services Near Me – Heating & Cooling Installation, Maintenance & Repair in Buffalo, NY

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