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  • Ensure Your Ideal Working Environment

    As a business owner, you understand the importance of sustaining a comfortable, indoor working environment. We continue to help customers throughout Buffalo and Western New York upgrade, repair, and replace numerous commercial heating systems applications including furnaces, boilers, and hot water tanks.

Buffalo, NY’s Commercial Heating Solutions



We have experience installing quality, cost-effective furnaces from Goodman, Amana, and Rheem. Your customizable furnace options can potentially reach up to 96% efficiency, saving you money on monthly bills and costs.

The energy efficiency of a furnace refers to the amount of produced energy goes toward heating your home versus the amount wasted. For example, a furnace with an 80% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating means that $0.80 of every $1.00 of heating expense warms your home.

Make sure your business is staying warm in the summer months and is properly ventilated as the cold winter months approach. Don’t spend more money than you need to on your business this winter and make sure you have your heating system serviced regularly. If you are in the Buffalo, NY area and need a new furnace for your business or simply need it serviced, call our team today!



We’ve installed boilers from Plymouth, New York Boiler, Williamson-Thermoflo, Weil McLain, U.S. Boiler Company, and Dunkirk. Your customizable boiler options can potentially reach up to 95% efficiency, maximizing your savings and costs. Not only do your options include cast iron and steel boilers, but you can also choose add-on coal and wood-fired boilers, which can help create additional savings.


Hot Water Tanks

We install indirect domestic hot water tanks from Triangle Tube, Weil McLain, and Burnham. You have access to hot water tank installations that provide energy efficiency and long-term dependability at lower operating costs. We have the expertise to help you determine how to best maintain, repair or replace your hot water tank to meet your needs. 


Waste Oil Systems

We service and sell waste oil furnaces and waste oil boilers from both CleanBurn and CleanEnergy, the world leaders of waste oil combustion. If your business has a steady supply of waste oil, A.G. Roehrig can help you turn it into heat. 

Commercial Cooling Solutions in Buffalo, NY

Central Air Conditioning

A reliable air conditioning unit can maintain a cool, refreshing environment for your workplace in even the hottest of summers. Over time, your air conditioning naturally becomes prone to inefficiency and malfunction. Whether you need an upgrade, repair, or replacement, we’re ready to provide you with a custom solution to meet any and all of your cooling needs and keep you and your customers comfortable.


Installation Process

Over time, your heating and/or cooling system can lose efficiency or, even worse, stop working. When it’s time for a new unit, you have options. We can design and install a custom heating service for your property that is tailored to best accommodate both your most crucial needs and your budget.

Maintenance / Repair

It’s important to keep your heating and air conditioning equipment running smoothly and efficiently. Manufacturers require routine preventive maintenance to qualify for their warranty claims. We strive to maximize the lifespan of your HVAC appliances through vigilant touch-ups and repairs.

A.G. Roehrig: A Trusted Commercial HVAC Partner in WNY

Every Job Is Custom

Every Job is Custom

Your experienced contractors approach each project prepared to find the right solution for you that best meets your demands. With A.G. Roehrig, custom doesn’t mean expensive – it’s just the way we operate. 

Solutions Oriented Vigilance

Focused On Solutions

Your A.G. Roehrig team remains attentive and committed to reaching the best possible solution for your space, focused on your needs and budget.

Expansive Knowledge

Expansive Industry Knowledge

Your team remains committed when reaching the best solution possible for your business. Our 90+ years in business means we’ve seen, installed and repaired it all. 

Dependable Technicians

Dependable Technicians

You can be sure that the technicians you employ will deliver on exactly what they promise: thoughtful collaboration, attentive craftsmanship and the solution you need.

Contact Us For An Appointment

Fill out the below information to contact us about scheduling an appointment. An A.G. Roehrig employee will contact you as soon as possible. You may also call us at 716-892-8857 to get started.

Commercial HVAC Services Near Me – Commercial Heating & Cooling Installation, Maintenance & Repair in Buffalo, NY

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