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Custom Sheet Metal Services

Custom Sheet Metal For Duct Work and System Change Outs

Custom sheet metal at a price you can afford in Buffalo, NY

A. G. Roehrig & Son has the experience and the equipment to handle residential installations and customizations to large commercial projects.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

We have a complete metal shop facility for sheet metal fabrication on-site. Our experience and specialized equipment allows us to work with most types of metal.

Sheet Metal Installation

Our on-site shop allows us to fabricate and assemble most anything at our facility. Everything is custom made to fit and ready to go before it goes out on the job.

Sheet Metal Repairs

Our equipment and facility allows us to handle demanding projects on a tight deadline. We can bend, shear, drill, punch and tap most gauges and types of metal.

Why Is Sheet Metal An Important Part Of HVAC?

Sheetmetal is very important to a forced air system. That sheet metal is what going to get your warm or cold air where you want it to be. But more important is the sizing. You need to size it correctly so that you’re moving an adequate amount of air to ensure the system is going to work correctly. This is equally important for heat and AC. Also you don’t want any air leaks so sealing it is a concern that should be considered.

The end goal with sheet metal to have a balanced system. You want the same amount of conditioned air on one end of the house as the other. No one likes that one room that’s always too hot or too cold.

What Can I Expect From Using Custom Sheet Metal?

Custom sheet metal gives us the contractor the freedom to make exactly what is needed for your circumstances. We aren’t forced to buy something that will work but sacrifice a little quality here or there.

You don’t need to rely on someone getting you something off the shelf that might work. If it might work, well how well will it work exactly? When it’s custom it’s a one-off for your system and gives you exactly whats needed or more. When we make our custom sheet metal, it starts off as a flat sheet of steel the we transform it into the answer for all your problems.

How Much Does Custom Sheet Metal Cost in WNY?

We have very competitive pricing and our custom sheet metal transitions that are made for every job are also included in the price.

Contact us today for a custom sheet metal estimate for your home or business HVAC system.

Residential and Commercial Sheet Metal Fabrication in Buffalo

“When my great grandfather started this business, this is what we were,” said Cory Roehrig, Head Service Tech/Field Manager at A. G. Roehrig & Son. “We did sheet metal.”

One thing that makes A. G. Roehrig and Son different from most Buffalo HVAC service contractors is our ability to custom fabricate sheet metal right in our shop. From residential installations and customizations to large commercial projects, A. G. Roehrig can deliver you custom sheet metal at a price you can afford.

By Andre Carrotflower (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

A.G. Roehrig sheetmetal work on St. Mary Magdalene, Buffalo, NY. Image by Andre Carrotflower

A.G. Roehrig & Son originally created and installed all of the custom copper work on the steeples of the the former St. Mary Magdalene church on the corner of Fillmore Avenue and Urban Street.

Everything was made in-house and then assembled on site, lifted with a crane and set up on the church.

These days there isn’t much call much of a call for that type of work although we do do it from time to time.

Mostly we build all of the custom sheet metal for duct work and system change outs.

Everything is custom made for that exact job, made to fit and ready to go before it goes out on the job.

This way we ensure that you get a great product with exceptional performance, giving you the most amount of air flow through the duct work with minimal to zero air loss out of it.

Our duct also looks good. It’s quality appearance shows that time was taken on it and it was not hastily made on site.

Custom Sheet Metal Near Me – Commercial & Residential Sheet Metal Services in Buffalo, NY

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