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WNY Commercial & Residential Furnace and Heating Services & Repairs

Over time your furnace heating system can lose efficiency, or worse, stop working.

A. G. Roehrig & Son has helped thousands of customers in Buffalo and Western New York upgrade, repair, and replace furnaces, boilers, and hot water tanks in both residential and commercial heating systems applications.

We can design a custom heating solution from a variety of furnace manufacturers for your home or building that will best meet your needs. In our over 80 years in business, there isn’t a problem that we haven’t already solved and we’re ready to do the same for you.

Furnace Services in Buffalo, NY

We have experience installing quality, cost-effective furnaces from Goodman, Amana, and Rheem. Depending on your needs and budget we provide 80%, 95% and up to 96% efficient furnaces. Some older central heating systems are rated at 60% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) which is the Department of Energy (DOE) established system to calculate the annual operating cost of gas furnaces.

A furnace with an 80% AFUE rating means that $0.80 cents of every $1.00 of heating energy expense warms your home. A new, efficient furnace will meet the higher standard of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star Program.

Our team has seen the consequences of neglected furnaces. The majority of service and repair calls that we answer could have been easily prevented. A quick, cost-effective tune-up in the fall before the harsh winter months hit could have saved you hundreds in a new installation or major repair.  Not only could it have saved you money in the short term, servicing your furnace can potentially trim up to 25% off your monthly heating bills. So, stay warm this winter and don’t neglect your furnace or heater!

Boiler Installations & Repairs

We have experience installing quality, cost-effective boilers from Plymouth, New York Boiler, Williamson-Thermoflo, Weil McLain, U.S. Boiler Company, and Dunkirk. Depending on your needs and budget we provide 80%, 85%, 90% and up to 95% efficient boilers.

We install a variety of boiler systems including cast iron boilers, steel boilers, and add-on boilers that are coal or wood-fired for additional fuel savings. A. G. Roehrig & Son specializes in boiler services & repairs in the Western New York Area. Our team of fully licensed technicians are experienced and have the knowledge and ability to adapt to the changing technology to keep your heating system in top condition. We provided trusted boiler services to residential and commercial customers in the Buffalo, NY area.

We have experience installing high efficiency boilers for new homes, radiant heating, or replacement boilers in close quarters with direct venting, chimney venting, atmospheric venting, or sidewall venting. Contact us today if you are in need of emergency service, a scheduled repair, or just basic preventative maintenance.

Hot Water Tank Installs in Western New York

We install indirect domestic hot water tanks from Triangle Tube, Weil McLain, and Burnham. Our hot water tank installations provide energy efficiency and long-term dependability at lower operating costs. We make sure every installation we do is with care and done in a timely manner.

Our team is trained and experienced in making sure every hot water tank that we install will last and is of the highest quality. It is bad enough not having warm water in the summer, so don’t be caught without hot water during the cold Buffalo winters. If you think your water heater is getting old and would like a quote, give us a call right away! Trust the A.G. Roehrig team to give you the most honest pricing on hot water tank installations in Buffalo, NY.

Buffalo Gas Fireplace Services

We install beautiful and convenient gas fireplaces from Empire Comfort Systems and Napolean Fireplaces. A fireplace can add a cozy atmosphere and beautiful look for any house in Buffalo. Not only will you increase the value of your home, but you will add much needed heat to any room in your house to keep you warm in the harsh winter months. We have no standard price for any fireplace installation, so give us a call and we will give you an accurate and transparent estimate that works with your budget and home.


Geothermal offers more savings and comfort than fuel oil, propane, and electric. And it is a better choice for the environment. As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, a tax credit is available on certain geothermal equipment installations. To determine which equipment may qualify, please review the chart under “Tax Credit Certificate Instructions.”

HWW Water-to-Water Series – These flexible systems, available in 3, 5, and 10 ton models, have a wide range of HVAC and industrial applications, and are especially suited to radiant floor installations. They’re capable of ground water, ground loop and water loop applications and provide even comfort year ‘round.

Two Stage Split System Geothermal Heat Pumps – The advantages of a split system unit is combined with the exceptional efficiency of a two stage design in the HTS Series. Far exceeding ASHRAE 90.1 efficiencies, the unit runs at 67% capacity most of the time, but automatically and instantly switches to 100% when there’s a demand for greater heating/cooling. Comfort is maintained and operating costs lowered through this shifting of part load/full load capacity. Another advantage is quiet operation.

Geostar Affordable, renewable, clean – No matter what climate you live in, the temperature throughout the year varies. For some climates that means blazing summers that cool to frigid winters. What many people don’t realize is that the temperature below ground (regardless of climate or season) stays fairly consistent all year.The ground absorbs 47% of the sun’s energy as it hits the Earth’s surface – this is how the ground is able to hold a consistent temperature. Whether you’re in chilly Seattle or balmy Miami, the temperature just below the frost line stays relatively consistent. GeoStar geothermal systems tap into this free energy with an earth loop, which is where it all begins.

Waste Oil

A.G. Roehrig and Son sells and services both waste oil furnaces and waste oil boilers from the world leaders of waste oil combustion equipment CleanBurn and CleanEnergy.

We can also service waste oil boilers and furnace from other manufacturer’s, thanks to decades of experience working with waste oil.

WNY Furnace Repairs & Installation – Commercial & Residential Installation, Maintenance & Repair in Buffalo, NY

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