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Are You Prepared for Below Average Temps This Year? All You Need to Know about AC Units and Backup Generators

Since we’ve been serving Western New York since 1929, we’re not strangers to the wide variety of temperatures our area experiences. Even in April, it seems just as likely to have a snow day as it is to see clear skies and have temps in the 60s. This year, we’ve seen below average temperatures persist through April with no clear sign of when we’ll get some warm weather headed our way.

Last week, we helped dozens of customers who were stuck without working heat as their power had gone out or their system simply wasn’t ready anymore. That’s why we’ll be covering how AC units and backup generators could be the solution you need to be prepared for any weather that may come our way.

The Benefit of Having an AC Unit in Your Home

In the past, many homes in Buffalo were built with one thing in mind: heat.

Because we live in an area that has mild summers and cold winters, it made sense that the majority of our homes were built with heating systems but nothing in place to manage how cool your apartment can stay during warmer months. Nowadays, more and more people are enjoying the comfort of a cool space in the summer and a toasty home during the winter months.

AC units are meant to provide cold air and heating in the homes they’re installed in. These units also often service the entire home, making sure that you’re able to stay comfortable and manage the environment in any room or area in your house or apartment.

Similarly, Western New York businesses often benefit from the dual function of AC units over heat-only systems – unless that business generates waste oil or have to heat larger areas in which a boiler would be better suited for their needs.

Too Hot or Too Cold? Turn On Your AC!

No matter the circumstance, having an AC unit could be the key to your comfort. Even in winter months, homes can become stuffy without circulated air. Without an AC unit, many people end up opening windows in their home and letting in hot or frigid air to balance out the indoor temperature. The result of this is often a game of too hot/too cold, where people struggle to find the perfect setting because they are balancing between two extremes.

With an AC unit installed in your home, you’ll be able to regulate the coolness and heat of your home without needing to open windows in the spring or wait for your apartment to heat up in the winter. If your home becomes too warm in the summer months, you’ll be able to turn on your AC and get the temperature down to where your family can be comfortable.

Be Prepared with a Backup Generator

Throughout the United States, homeowners have opted to purchase a backup generator to help keep their household running in the event of an outage. For some, these outages happen due to flooding, storms, and hurricanes. In Buffalo, we tend to experience power outages during snow storms with high winds.

Living without power during the winter is not only an inconvenience, but it’s also dangerous. Temperatures can reach lows in the single digits, making safety a top concern for families who are trying to brave out the storm or who are waiting for conditions to become clear enough to leave.

It is these situations that makes having a backup generator so important. As soon as your power goes out, you’ll be able to start your generator and keep your essentials, like your AC unit, working.

This month alone, thousands of Western New Yorkers were left without power after a storm with high winds rolled through our area. To make sure you’re prepared for below average temperatures and sudden changes in the weather, you’ll want to have a backup generator there to tide your family over.

If you have any questions about AC units, their installation, and backup generators, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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