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Get a Free Google Home Hub and Nest Thermostat E!


Install a new high efficiency heating and air conditioning unit, and receive a Google Home Hub and Nest Thermostat E for FREE* when you mention this promo – now through May 31, 2019!

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*Any high efficiency furnace and air conditioning combination qualifies for this opportunity. Offer not valid on previously-received estimates.

Rebate Opportunities


National Fuel is currently offering the following rebates:

  • Furnaces of 92% efficiency – up to $425
  • Furnaces of 95% efficiency – up to $525
  • Wi-Fi thermostat installation – $125

Ask your A.G. Roehrig service technician how to take advantage of these rebates.


Control Your Smart Home with the Google Home Hub

The Google Home Hub is a personal smart screen device that controls all aspects of the Google platform connected throughout your home! Appliances that can be connected through the hub include:

  • Google Assistant
  • Lights
  • Media
  • Thermostats
  • Cameras
  • Calendars
  • More!

Along with the Google Home Hub, you’ll receive a Nest Thermostat E! This modernized Wi-Fi-connected thermostat provides an energy-efficient alternative to older thermostat models, and it can be connected to your new Google Home Hub! The ability to keep an eye on your thermostat at any time and from anywhere can help you monitor for potential malfunctions, identify them early and prevent costly repairs! It also allows you the convenience of optimizing the comfort of your home with the tap of a finger!

Why Buy a High Efficiency Heating
and Air Conditioning Unit?

New heating and AC units are built with efficiency in mind, saving you up to 70% on your energy bills! Not only do newer models use less energy, but they can also help you avoid maintenance repairs for older installations that can cost you between $100-$3,000.

To qualify as a “high efficiency” unit, a furnace must have an AFUE rating of 90% or above. AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. This means that 90% of the fuel used is converted into heat, and 90 cents of every dollar spent on your energy bills is going towards heating your home. Generally, the older the unit, the more savings you’ll see from installing a new high efficiency model.

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